Transforming Systems Together

Banner image with photos of a group of children, adult and child embracing, and child on playground

Transforming Systems Together (TST) is a shared decision-making initiative of community members and Ramsey County to rethink how the county delivers services and invests in community. TST is intended to change the way the county makes decisions about priorities, approaches, budgets and program design by having community members at the table as an equal voice.

Current updates

The catalyst group of community members facilitating TST has organized community meetings for residents to share their ideas on how Ramsey County can change to better serve the community. Residents are invited to attend one of two meetings to discuss how to redesign and make county services more responsive and better reflect community needs in areas like child welfare, foster care, child protection, financial assistance  public health, law enforcement, the courts and corrections.

Community meetings

Saturday, Feb. 29
2-4 p.m.
Harding High School
1540 6th Street E
Saint Paul, MN 55106

To register for child care at the meeting, email or call Larene Wade at 612-412-1820  with your name, the number of children and which meeting you will attend.