Resilient Communities Project

Ramsey County partnered with the Resilient Communities Project for the 2018-2019 academic year. The year-long collaboration utilizes University of Minnesota faculty and students to support county projects related to community sustainability and resilience.

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About the Resilient Communities Project

The Resilient Communities Project is a cross-disciplinary program at the University of Minnesota whose mission is to connect communities in Minnesota with University faculty and students to advance local sustainability and resilience through collaborative, course-based projects. Ultimately, the project strives to:

  • Build local capacity to address community sustainability and resilience issues.
  • Train students to be future sustainability practitioners in their fields.
  • Produce case studies, tool kits, and other resources that advance sustainability and resilience practice at the community scale.

How the Resilient Communities Project works

Benefits of collaborating with the Resilient Communities Project

Final report and results